There was you, at the last day from April 2010, you come to us…..

Beautifully constructed, fawn, wow you looked good….!! We were very proud….

Your pleasant attitude, playfulness, fast, nice to everyone and everything, so really everybody's friend. In August 2010 you give us our first offspring, a miracle happened….. a copy of you were born: “Amiga Le Petit Favorie”.


You was so sweet and happy…….suddenly there came an end on……

You left us unexpectedly, we still can not understand… Why ????

You started the day so Happy and playful…and were gone... was “the men” in our kennel ! Thanks for all the wonderful moments you give us in that short time ! Your daugthers in our kennel, Amiga and Aquina, keep us remembering on you...


Rest in peace sweet Quila….. we miss you so……


B O U L  E   &   O N U B A


°17/02/2009     + 19/03/2011

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